FunBowl Family Bowling

a new must-have concept for a complete entertainment experience for all ages

FunBowl Family Bowling

Discover FunBowl Family Bowling: The ultimate entertainment experience for all ages, perfect for campgrounds, holiday parks, and more. Engage in friendly competition and boost your venue’s revenue. 

FunBowl Family Bowling, also known as duckpin bowling, is a new must-have concept for a complete entertainment experience for all ages. FunBowl offers entertainment for a wide audience, making it the perfect activity for campgrounds, holiday parks, indoor playgrounds, Family Entertainment Centres and hotels.

FunBowl creates (social) entertainment for a wide audience.

An activity allowing fair competition between young & old.

The activity increases consumption revenue before, during and after the activity

Highly suitable for package deals and additional purchases.

Excellent revenue and fast ROI from the rental of the FunBowl system.

Thanks, in part, to our years of experience in the bowling industry, we are specialised in the development of custom bowling facilities. The FunBowl family bowling is available in various sizes and themes, making it a highly suitable addition to hospitality, recreation or leisure establishments. Would you like to receive more information? We look forward to hearing from you!


FunBowl strongly resembles the ‘traditional bowling alley’, though the lane is shorter and the balls and pins slightly smaller. Using touchscreen consoles, the lane is easy to operate for the guests and the names of the players can be entered with ease. In addition to the well-known ’10-frame bowling’, the scoring system is also equipped with playful game options such as fireman, horse race and snakes & ladders. For children, the bumpers can be adjusted automatically and, in addition, the wearing of (dirty) bowling shoes is not necessary for playing FunBowl!

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FunBowl - Vakantiepark Schaijk

Target group

The FunBowl mini bowling models serve a very wide target group. The shortest version can be placed virtually everywhere because of its small dimensions and is extremely suitable for children. The longer versions also offer a fantastic competitive game for both youth and adults and resemble the ‘big bowling alley’ in terms of appearance.

People experience FunBowl family bowling among others at:

  • Campsites & Holiday parks
  • Leisure & Family Entertainment Centres 
  • Catering locations such as Restaurant & Grand-Cafes 
  • Children’s indoor playgrounds & Trampoline centres 
  • Arcades & Social Entertainment concepts


Would you like more information about FunBowl? Our team is happy to help you.

Our projects

Throughout the years, FunBowl has had the opportunity to design and deliver various projects. In addition to the manufacture and installation of the systems, we are also your partner and point of contact for the system’s continued operation, which is very convenient, given that an average system lasts 20 to 30 years.