FunBowl mini bowling alleys: Offering compact to extensive lanes with customizable options to match your venue’s style. Ensure engaging, competitive fun for all ages. 

The FunBowl family bowling has a very wide target group and can be installed at virtually any location due to its compact size. The FunBowl system can be installed in various designs and colours, and can therefore be coordinated with the rest of the company’s interior.

FunBowl Mini, Midi and Maxi

The FunBowl Mini, Midi and Maxi are the shortest models of the FunBowl concept. The most compact versions of the FunBowl are ideal for locations where children are the main target group, but also for teenagers and adults there is enough competition to be had on the shortened bowling alley. With these systems the players stand in front of the bowling installation (on the floor) and they throw the ball on the raised installation. These models are available from 6.20 metres to 10.70 metres.

FunBowl XL

The FunBowl XL is the longest mini bowling alley version of the FunBowl concept. This model is equipped with a ramp, on which the player stands, just like on the standard bowling alley. This makes the appearance and the player experience the closest to a ‘traditional’ bowling alley. The width of 2 lanes is 2.82 meters, just as the other FunBowl models. The length of this FunBowl lane is 13.70 to 16.70 meters. As the lane is longer, the automatic bumpers are a recommended option for the ‘smallest FunBowlers’. 

FunBowl Custom

FunBowl independently manufactures and installs the FunBowl concept. This allows us to offer custom solutions, so that the bowling alley can be fitted perfectly into the space. The dimensions of the ramp and the lane can be custom made.

Comprehensive product

The increasingly critical consumer has turned the ‘wanna-haves’ into ‘must-haves’. This means that we now provide the ‘fun extras’ as standard features of the installation. All FunBowl installations are standard equipped with:

  • User-friendly touchscreen scoring system
  • Automatic bumpers
  • Pin lighting

Would you like more information about FunBowl? Our team is happy to help you.