Target group

Versatile fun with FunBowl: Engage families, teens, and children in competitive fun with FunBowl’s adaptable bowling system, perfect for indoor playgrounds, holiday parks, and more. 

FunBowl offers entertainment for three generations and can therefore create added value for nearly every hospitality, recreation or leisure company. In addition to offering an activity for the entire family, FunBowl also creates added value for turnover in the hospitality sector and combines perfectly to create a package deal.

Campsites & Holiday parks

For holiday parks or camping sites, FunBowl family bowling is a fun addition as an indoor activity. When the weather turns, children and teenagers can have a great time on the FunBowl bowling system. By installing the mini bowling system, the holiday destination is even more attractive for families with children. Due to the compact dimensions of the FunBowl installation it is easy to install in, for example, an activity room or close to the catering facilities for increased revenue.  

Leisure & Entertainment

FunBowl also offers high entertainment value for visitors of leisure and entertainment centres and creates entertainment for all ages. The FunBowl family bowling activity provides experience, competition and entertainment and is therefore a great addition to FECs and entertainment centres. As the activity serves a broad target group, it is also easy to combine and cross-sell with other activities such as mini-golf, laser game, arcade, etc.

Children's indoor playgrounds

Children’s indoor playgrounds and a FunBowl mini-bowling are a great combination. As well as climbing and clambering, the young crowd can also have fun throwing spares and strikes. For children it is also nice to ‘get acquainted’ with bowling without the heavy ball and the long bowling alley. In addition to extra turnover from your existing visitors, the FunBowl bowling also creates a distinctive character compared to other indoor playgrounds in the area.

Restaurants & Grand-Café

Along with the target groups mentioned above, as hotel, restaurant, grand-café or other catering company, you might also be interested in the FunBowl bowling. Perhaps FunBowl is the solution for more entertainment within the existing company. The activity of bowling -or FunBowling- pairs well with the catering industry and has a positive influence on the restaurant. The FunBowl family bowling installation can be designed in a variety of colours so that it complements the rest of the interior at each location.  


We are increasingly receiving requests to install a (fun) bowling system in private homes. With our custom solutions it is almost always possible to create a bowling facility.

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